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The future of fashion: Turning recycled plastic into clothes

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The environment is already suffering a lot because of greenhouse gases and global warming. The usage of plastics and dumping them in the water bodies is creating larger problems by misbalancing the ecosystem. So the researchers and fashion-conscious people have come up with a green approach, where they have thought to use the plastics to make clothing. They mainly use plastic bottles that can be recycled for this purpose. But even other recyclable plastics are also used. Here the paper showcases how the designers and fashion researchers creating a new future in the world of clothing.

Brief about turning plastic into clothing

Recycled plastics, hemp, and bamboo are considered sustainable materials, and the clothes that are made out of them are called green clothing. Several designers use these materials to make their clothing line. They are considered to be people who are concerned about the planet and try to do their bit to keep it safe. They use the plastics that are recyclable such as plastic bottles or cans etc. Plastic materials once manufactured do not fade off. The fact is plastic is not a biodegradable product, which makes it a negative issue. The synthetic plastics like nylon, polyester, and lycra which are commonly used are not a good solution, because it does not degrade. Eventually, the microplastics break off and, with time spills into oceans. So the designers should know what to use and what not to. The process of creating clothing from plastic is usually done by breaking the bottles into small flakes. After that, the flakes are melted into some small pellets and then they have melted again and filtered and spun into threads. Afterward, these threads are used in textiles.

Benefits of using plastic as clothing

There are several benefits to using recycled plastics as clothing.

  • Fashionable people who are eco-friendly conscious have a good option to discover trendy outfits made from recycled plastic bottles and sometimes from cheap coat hangers.
  • By recycling one plastic bottle, one can save enough energy to light a 60-watt bulb for six hours. As recycling, a material consumes less energy than making one.
  • The recycled plastics are so flexible that they can be made into different weights and textures that can then be used to create stylish dresses to trendy shoes or even rugged jackets.
Sustainability of the clothes and accessories made from plastic

The development in recycling technology has transformed the plastic bottles and the cheap coat hangers made from plastics into the light, soft, and breathable textiles. Those textiles are now used for making stylish outfits like skirts and blouses. Some of the biggest brands in fashion have also welcomed recycled plastic fabrics for creating amazing clothing and accessories. It does not end here; the customers who love fashion and understand them given good feedback. These outfits are classy, trendy, and give edgy look. The generating of fibers from recycled plastic is challenging work, although. The yarn requires a high grade of recycled polyethylene terephthalate. Along with this, one has to think about carbon emission. Carbon will emit when the plastic will be used or turned into something. But yes, the carbon that will emit in the landfills creating a mass impact that can be distorted by using plastic in clothing. People love long-lasting products. But reports say that sustainability is a bit low of these plastic fibers although it can be reused to make some other clothing.


The thought of reusing the plastics is an amazing approach. It is the world of fashion that can transform a bad looking thing into a good one. Their approach to recycling plastic things into clothing has been well portrayed in the article above. There is a report that said that in 2013 in New York Fashion week they have installed a vending machine. People were given a chance to buy some limited edition of a designer T-shirt that is made from recycled plastic fabric. The cost of the T-shirt was just a plastic bottle. So, those who wanted the T-shirt can deposit a plastic bottle into the machine and receive it accordingly.

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